Discover 4 property investing secrets that unlock $120,000 a year income

Oh yeah… I started with no money and hardly any free time.


You’ll be learning these 4 steps…

  • You Must Think Differently

    Uncover this fundamental paradigm shift in how you see property. (It’s the reason I could develop all that cashflow with very little investment). This new Paradigm reduces risk, increases ROI and keep you safe during market crashes. This new way of thinking is critical if you want to “get out” quickly. (99.9% of investors don’t know this.)

  • Realise the "Property Market" is a myth

    Discover why most professional investors say that the “property market” doesn’t even exist. because it’s going to drastically change how you look at property all around you. (You’ll start to see opportunities everywhere).

  • Learn the 5 Prices of every Property... yes 5!

    Uncover the 5 prices of every property, and why price #3 and price #4 are the most important in any deal.

  • Become a valuation expert

    Learn how property is really evaluated… because knowing this is going to help you “play the game”, be creative and get the best possible ROI.

About your Host: Sunil Jaiswal

After achieving financial Independence through real estate in 2002, Sunil has spent the last 15 years helping students buy over $500 million of property around in 24 countries around the globe.

Sunil is regularly featured in the media

in March of 2017, Sunil suffered a heart attack and ended up having quadruple bypass surgery. Sunil relates “this helped me understand the truly fortunate position property helped me achieve. I could recover without needing to go to a job or worrying about my financial situation. It made realise the blessings all around me and how important it was to live life according to your terms.”

“It’s rekindled the passion and desire to help others achieve financial Independence… because in reality, it’s not difficult.”

“It’s never too late to follow your dreams. “Sunil Jaiswal

"AED 13,000 Positive Cash flow. Not bad for a simple deal. I saw an opportunity and took it!"


"AED 20,000 a month. Financial Freedom here I come!"


"AED 7,000 a month. Followed the System! Here comes deal #2"


"One deal covers 80% of my expenses in Dubai. It was easier than I thought!"


"I bought my first property in the UAE half way through the course"


"I went straight out to negotiate two deals and saved AED 350,000"